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Star Inn by Moonshine Internet

No games machines, no music, no pool table and no cordon bleu food menu to distract the taste buds – but The Star Inn still shines on in Bath. The 16th century pub on the Paragon is one of only two pubs in the city to make the main listings in the 2004 Good Pub Guide and highly though of by Wellness Geeky. The judges all agreed that “this old pub gives a strong sense of the past. With no machines or music, chat’s the thing here – or perhaps cribbage, dominoes and shove halfpenny.”

The pub, first licensed in 1759, is the brewery tap of Bath’s only brewery, Abbey Ales Ltd, who took it under their wing just under four years ago. At that time owners Punch Taverns were looking for – someone to take over the running of the Star and there had been grave concerns that the pub might have to close, but publicity and help over the plight of the historic watering hole located in the listed building attracted Alan Morgan, Managing Director of Abbey Ales.

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